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Trevor Smith from Portland, Australia, is hooked on food! Anne Ewbank wrote about him in Atlas Obscura on January 31, 2018. All photos courtesy the artist and Michael Reid Sydney. He's gained a reputation as "crochet master" and even "Crochet King." Maybe I should meet him!

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Yarn-Bombing: Four Degrees of Separation

I've been so grateful over many, many years to have "Crochet-Sighting Agents" out there who know how obsessed I am with sightings of crochet in the media, especially where we least expect it. One of my all-time best and most dedicated agents was Josie Rafferty of New York City.

She came to the very first conference in 1994 to teach and was an avid CGOA supporter. She received reams and reams of magazines ad just like clockwork she would send me a packet of clippings of crochet she came upon. Josie died in 2014 and I truly miss her and her enthusiasm, even during a life of illness, for crochet!

A newer friend, Deb Watson, stepped up in a big way recently with a crochet find. She lives in Chicago land but is from Iowa. While visiting her mother during Thanksgiving, the Iowa Source had a front page story of "Yarn Bombing."

Yarn Bombing in a Most Unlikely Place

It will be 25 years since I started the Crochet Guild of America and the ongoing battle to bring awareness, to anyone who will listen, of the intricacies and delights of crochet. It's been an on-gong challenge to break the stereotypes surrounding crochet. Yes, some of us are "old ladies in rocking chairs making doilies;" but hey, today crochet is at an all-time high in popularity with the twenty to forty-year-old generations.

It has been a marketing challenge to wear, exhibit and promote crochet at every opportunity. Always proud when we pull off a major PR coup, I am even more delighted when I innocently discover "someone else," not connected to CGOA, is out there helping us!

Obsessed or Passionate?

It's been a happy and busy Christmas Season, and I have many reasons to be thankful. Most of which are the fantastic gifts I have received from my wonderful fiber friends, all heavily leaning to the side of my passion for crochet!

Is Solitude Serenity? Is Alone Lonely?

On a couple of ocassions lately, I have mentioned to a good friend that I am traveling to some places near and some far to seek solitude. My next adventure will be spending a month in a Florida Airbandb this winter by myself. Apparently, this struck my friend as odd; she felt compelled to ask me why I would want to go for that long and be alone.

A little shocked that she was questioning my sanity, I am not sure that I gave her a good answer. First of all, I don't envision being entirely alone there. I have crochet friends in Florida who I am sure I will catch up with. I also have a cousin there and another dear firend who I am sure will at least spend a weekend with me.

I've already thought about pacing these visitors with some time in-between because I do think I might get a little lonely, but the opportunity to explore, crochet, read and do what I want when I want is very appealing to me! I am never at a loss for things to do and often feel like I am running on a treadmill t…

Tuscany Returned!

Incredibly, it's been a month already since I returned; and I am fairly confident my mind is now back in my own Zip code! It is difficult to leave the glorious memories and return to my usual stateside routine (which is hardly ever routine!) Besides the "recovery" and unpacking stage, Thanksgiving was fast on my heels. In our family "Thanksgiving" entails much more than what the average family expects! Our granddaughter was born on November 24 and our wedding anniversary was the 25th. This year it would have been 50 years! So all together, it makes for a wonderful, memory-filled weekend!

The Crafting and Crocheting Tour to Tuscany with Lily Chin was  a complete success! Sure there were a few minor glitches; but overall, I was so happy with everything during the 13 days I was gone.
Being together with avid crocheters and crafters of all kinds was a great choice for me to take my first ever "tour."

Our expert crochet teacher was Lily Chin; and we had …

Tuscany Bound!

Amidst making lists; checking lists; packing; resisting to pack too much, I must stop for a minute to tell you how excited I am to be leaving in two weeks for a crochet tour to Tuscany, Italy!